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Introduction to Climate Restoration & information about the soon-to-be-launched Israel Chapter of the Foundation for Climate Restoration

Zoom Webinar 

Wednesday, September 28

18:30 Israel Time ||  08:30 Pacific Time

60 minutes presentation + 30 minutes Q&A

Is emission reduction enough to ensure the survival of future generations?


Is Climate Restoration possible?


Is it possible to remove all historical emissions and get back to a safe & healthy climate of below 300ppm?


The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) and the Climate Restoration Network (CRN) believe that it is possible, and that there are safe, scalable, and financeable solutions available today.

We invite you to join a special zoom webinar and Q&A to learn about this new field of climate action, that works to secure humanity's future.

The webinar is hosted by 

Life & Environment and the Climate Restoration Network


Register early to save your spot - space is limited!

Webinar Speakers


Register early to save your spot - space is limited!

About The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR)

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) is an innovative US-based non-profit on a mission to restore our climate to a pre-industrial state. Our mission goes beyond merely surviving and enduring climate change. F4CR was founded out of the question, “What is the future we want for our climate?” and has been leading the charge on climate restoration ever since.  F4CR believes that it’s time to shift our climate paradigm from one of mitigation, focused on damage reduction, to one that includes restoration, fixing the problem altogether. 

About the Climate Restoration Network (CRN)

The Climate Restoration Network is a global decentralized network of Climate Restoration Centers, coordinated by a digital backbone, and designed to restore a safe and healthy climate by 2050. The CRN is preparing to launch the first Climate Restoration Center in Israel, and then replicate it in other locations in Israel and globally. The CRN is also working to launch the Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board at COP27, to provide oversight and accountability for transnational climate restoration projects that do not have an appropriate governance structure to ensure their safety. 

About Life & Environment

Life & Environment (L&E) is an Israeli not-for-profit environmental NGO that serves the local environmental movement. Since its establishment in 1975, L&E has been operating under the Planning and Building Act, under which it was assigned as the umbrella organization of the environmental movement with representation rights in the National Council for Planning and Construction. 

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